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Sean R 08-09-2011 18:02

Glock 20 self defense ammo?

I am new to the forum and I just picked up a beautiful 2nd Gen G20. I also went ahead and ordered myself one the first of a few lone wolf mods I plan on making which is the lone wolf stainless steel guide rod just feel safer with steel than plastic. What grain ammo would you recommend for a self defense round?
I have a box of 180 grain federal for target but I've heard a grain that big would possibly be over penetration

JR 08-09-2011 23:08

Everything out of a 10mm will over penetrate. It will shoot through most anything you care to point it at..... regardless of bullet weight. Check out Double Tap Ammunition. They offer a few awesome loads for the 10mm

Sean R 08-10-2011 05:02

LOL very true I almost forgot it is a 10mm. I have heard good reviews on the Double Tap I will try it out

Thanks for the feedback

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