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gunslinger3 08-12-2011 08:38

Replacing the extractor
Hope this hasn't been asked before. My new G26 4 Gen has functioned perfectly for the 300 rounds I have put through it. Question is, will putting a LWD extractor in make it even more fool proof, or should I leave well enough alone?

I want this to be the best it can be. If not changing the extractor, is there anything you could recommend that would tweak it even a little bit?

One last question. I hear about how great a certain trigger pull is in a few posts. Would you recommend a mod to my trigger that would make it smoother. This is my CC weapon.

Thanks JR

JR 08-13-2011 16:13

If the gun is performing as expected (100%), why do you feel there is a need to swap out the extractor? Leave it alone. You have nothing to gain by swapping it out.
If you want to play with the trigger that is a whole new story! You can drop the trigger pull weight by simply installing the new LWD 3.5 connector
BTW: The brand new modified LWD 3.5 connectors will start shipping this week. These have been completely redesigned and feature the slickest finish I have ever seen!

gunslinger3 08-14-2011 17:43

Thanks JR. One more thing. If I get this connector, do I need to replace anything else?

JR 08-14-2011 17:57

you can do the connector alone or we list a few other products that combine to build a performance machine. Click the link above and check it out

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