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mrsig 08-12-2011 13:27

Glock 23 Talo finish and lube free barrel
I just picked up one of these from my dealer. It is a copper colored slide, usual black frame and some libe free barrel. Anyone know if these are widely avalible and in other models ? I think they call it etko finish or something like that.

voyager4520 08-17-2011 10:08

EXO finish by FailZero. They've made them in the G17,19,22,23,26, and 27 to my knowledge. Some just had the barrel and slide coated, others had the extractor and slide stop coated as well. Some of them had Ameriglo night sights, GL-212-220-GR-C front sight and GL-101R rear sight.

jvmucci 08-28-2011 11:05

I have a G17 with EXO coating by Talo. Is Fail Zero Talo. Does anyone else do the NiB coating in addition to Talo.

The Highlander 08-28-2011 18:58

Not sure who else does them. I have a 19 EXO. Love the look of the silvery slide on the gun. I still lube it like any other Glock though. Not crazy about the finish, it "stains" very easily on the portion of the slide up against my sweaty skin. Looks good new, sucks after a day's wear. Flitz will shine it right back up, but I don't have to do that with a regular Glock. I LOVE the Ameriglo sights. I'd only buy another at a ridiculous price, I'd prefer a standard Glock, and the Ameriglo's.

mrsig 09-03-2011 17:53

My dealer told me today that no more of these will be made and what is out there is it . ??????????????

whiskey rebel1 09-03-2011 18:29

Try these guys Almost same as F Z. They did a BCG for me 308 AR. I haven't got to try it out yet. But it fits well and looks great!!!

bronxnerd 09-07-2011 10:37

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Here is a pic of my Nib-x Glock 23.

mrsig 09-14-2011 16:20

My dealer just told that there are no more of these being made because of FFL transfer from wholesaler to EXO vender and return . ??

barth 10-21-2011 18:03

Talo is a third party distributor that has special edition runs of varoius guns built and then sells them to gunshops...
The Talo EXO Special Edition Glocks are basically Gen 3 9/40s sent to Fail Zero for their proprietary, self lubricating, nickel boron coating, over the tennifer. Slides and barrels are coated. Some models have Ameriglo I-Dot Pro sights installed as well.

Fail Zero will coat your Glock slide and barrel for $200.
Barrel only for $125.
The Ameriglo sights are a Pro orange front (like HD)
and an I-Dot rear.

So you can convert your current Glock into a Talo like EXO if you want.
It's just cheaper to get a Talo Special Edition, if you can find one...

mrsig 10-23-2011 04:56

Good info. I do like my 23 that has the slide, barrel, site combo. I purchased it from a dealer for about $50 more that its counterpart factory 23.

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