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thestuff 08-14-2011 14:50

G36 trigger guard issue
When I shoot the G36 I develop a blister or sore(like a hangnail) on my trigger finger to the point that it is painful to shoot the 36. It seems that I position my finger on the bottom end of the trigger and my finger rubs on the trigger guard. I have larger hands and repositioning higher on the trigger has not been successful.
Question then is do I have to go to a larger weapon, different configuration or is there a way to bevel the trigger guard for more room at the tip of the trigger?

JR 08-14-2011 16:48

The 36 is unique to the Glock family line up so it basically sets in a field of its own. The cool thing is ... it is still a Glock. If you have a plastic part rubbing somewhere it shouldn't... cut, file or grind it away

thestuff 08-15-2011 17:10

So, I can use a dremel on the trigger guard to reduce the thickness and give my finger more room? If so, then what would you suggest as a grinding guage to do this without gouging or tearing up too much.
I have tried to use a small hand file without any success...material too tough. I have a dremel so would like recommendation as to grinding material.

JR 08-15-2011 21:36

Use the file to rough it in and the dremel to touch it up.

thestuff 08-16-2011 16:30

Thanks for your assistance.

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