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sal1911a1 08-27-2011 09:44

My NYPD Revolvers
Hi All, Here are a few I used on patrol a long time ago.

I hope Bac likes this one. Sorry Quack no flat triggers here. :-)

The bottom two are not NYPD just HD and range , all NYPD guns are redone by Smith and wesson, Combat revolver package and refinished.

COWBOYSHOOTER 08-30-2011 07:51

Interesting. I like me some Model 10s. Not as sure about the hammerless thing though. I shoot DA waaaaaaaaaaaay more then SA. But I still like the hamemr. :dunno:

seanmac45 08-30-2011 08:07

You were a member of the NYPD and carried the top five pistols in the picture on patrol?

sal1911a1 08-30-2011 16:03

Not at the same time:embarassed:

I used the middle one's the model 64 NY-1 I was issued in 1988

The 3 inch i used as a back up and off duty alot, The top two I pick up along the way and had S&W give them a rebuild.

The bottom two are not NYPD issue, They are range and HD duty.

Berto 08-30-2011 16:27

Great revolvers, it seems like they did nicely on the triggers too.
My NY1 has a very sweet DAO trigger.

seanmac45 08-30-2011 18:55

Nice collection.

Mongosafari 08-30-2011 19:03


Originally Posted by sal1911a1 (Post 17849758)
Not at the same time:embarassed:

Nice!!!!!!!! I almost spit my coffee on the laptop.

Lt Scott 14 09-08-2011 00:19

No 4in skinny barrels in blue, round or square butt version? I do like the collection. Do you have an original JayPee holster?

HotRoderX 09-08-2011 00:21

Wow amazing collection Love Smith and Wesson revolvers.

pennlineman 09-11-2011 05:42

Very nice collection, I'm a big fan of fixed sight service revolvers. Well done!

Ajon412 09-11-2011 10:39


Originally Posted by pennlineman (Post 17900397)
Very nice collection, I'm a big fan of fixed sight service revolvers. Well done!

Same here.....I still have my original M&P 4" Service Revolver, but sold off / traded all of my other's (Ruger Speed Six in 4" and 2.75", M&P 4", 2" and an M-36) when we transitioned over to semi-autos in the mid 90's....Should have kept them all....:faint:

up1911fan 09-13-2011 10:06

Nice collection you have there.

sal1911a1 09-13-2011 10:26

Thanks so much,

They are great guns, lots of fun at the range, now I'm a reloader i have lots of ammo.


steve1911 09-14-2011 23:02

Very nice collection.


bac1023 09-18-2011 15:32

Very nice indeed.

COWBOYSHOOTER 09-20-2011 07:20

I bought one of the used popo trade in Model 10s at Buds a few weeks ago. I blame YOU, OP! :supergrin:

sal1911a1 09-20-2011 09:17

Hi Cowboyshooter

Glad I could help, Revoler shooting is a blast, get some good speedloaders and have fun. :patriot:

COWBOYSHOOTER 09-21-2011 09:35

I got more S&W revolvers thena couple! :supergrin: the Model 10 is currently shootin better than my Model 15 race gun :wow::wow:

<--has not actually gotten to race teh Model 15 yet
<--may have to race teh model 10 if the chance ever comes up

MajorD 09-30-2011 10:35

nice guns- thanks for your service to the people of NY. Too bad you pretty much need to move out of NY to exercise your 2nd amendment rights freely! (I see you are in Texas now-good for you!)

walkin' trails 09-30-2011 19:25

Impressive collection. "Been there, done that" guns are always more interesting to me that high-dollar collector pieces.

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