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smith10 09-17-2011 04:45

Tous terms defined version 1.0
NUMPTY: One who was/is unprepared.

Origin: A compacted form of "No I am empty!" in answer to the question-you got any more ammo?

Useage: Shoulda brought more ammo ya numpty!!!!!

smith10 09-17-2011 04:53

BAMPOT: The pot in which the "nuclear"or"nucular" chile is made/served.

ORIGIN: From old Texas chile recipe that may have contained actual gunpowder. The cooking of which sometimes resulted in explosions.

tous 09-17-2011 05:16


smith10 09-17-2011 05:46


tous 09-17-2011 12:13

This thread needs love.

Y'all post in it or I'm tellin' April.

HiddenEyes 09-17-2011 12:18

I'm not going to post because I won't be bossed around.

Mr. HE:cool:

HiddenEyes 09-17-2011 12:19


Mr. HE:cool:

tous 09-17-2011 12:26

You're safe for the fearsome power of the April.

Even if it was a mistake born of defiance.


ArtCrafter 09-19-2011 19:14

LOAFIN: Equilibrium state of an OAFer.

ORIGIN: Penny Lane, UK (ca. 1967)

USAGE: There's nothing like loafin around in a kimono after a hard day of seppuku.

REFERENCE: Kimono Ballads: Some Cheerful Rhymes For 'Loafin' Times (Stoddard, 1908)

El_Ron1 09-19-2011 20:44

HiddenEyes 09-19-2011 23:35

Mr. HE:cool:

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