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southernguy 10-24-2011 19:25

Glock 21 2nd Gen
Howdy y'all! Just a quick question. When I lock the slide back on my G21, I don't see the little metal piece that sticks out down in the magazine well, like on my G23. I've looked at a picture of the gun, disassembled, and it looks like it might be part of the "fire control group". The gun still fires, but I was concerned that this might be a problem. Any suggestions? thanks

JR 10-24-2011 20:45

Not a problem, dont be concerned. If you want to see it, pull the slide rearward a little more. it will eventually stick its head out.

southernguy 10-25-2011 07:15

Thanks for the post. I pulled the slide back as far as it will go, and it still barely showing. I even took the slide off of both guns and the G21 is wayyyyyyyyy shorter, like it's broke or something. Do you think I should replace it? The only way I noticed it at all, is that I am looking at a 3rd Gen G17 to purchase, and I happened to notice how far it sticks out on it. I thought it was stuck, lol.

JR 10-25-2011 08:09

Ejectors are different lengths and configurations depending on the gun. here is a quick description of the current issue:

9mm is long & straight
40/357 are long and bent
10/45 is short and bent

Your description of the ejectors seems to correctly describe what should be in the gun. No worries!

southernguy 10-25-2011 10:33

Whew!!! Thanks a million!! That's a relief!!!

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