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Levan 10-26-2011 01:30

need your help on full auto Glock 19
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First of all this gun is NOT in the United States of America!

The gun was purchased from private owner. a widow. This gun belonged to her husband who passed away. Back story of this gun thereby is unknown. The problem is that we must provide that this gun was altered by a competent gunsmith who had a permit to work on guns, otherwise it will be considered as an illegal conversion and gun will be confiscated. The value of this pistol is 2000 USD thereby it is very important to that women to prove that conversion was made legally it means by a certified gunsmith. The craftsmanship, method of conversion an overall quality of job clearly states that this gun was not converted in someones garage or basement here. It was converted abroad possibly in western Europe or USA an legally imported in our country.

Please look carefully at the pics and write here about any ideas where this pistol might be converted. Thank you in advance.

I posted pics of this pistol here earlier just fo fun but now it is serious :cool:

JR 10-26-2011 15:25

I have not seen a conversion such as this, sorry.

Levan 10-29-2011 01:47

thats sad cause I still couldnt figure out who made this. Letter from a gunsmith and copy of his license would be enough, otherwise the gun will be lost. it would be fun to shoot it. full auto handguns are legal in Georgia (south caucasus, NOT a US state) and do not require additional paperwork or something like ths. I am 99% sure this gun is from western Europe. it was registered here but after the owner decided to sell it police refused only because there is no proof that alteration was made by a certified gunsmith. otherwise no problem :crying: sad because the owner will have to voluntarely hand over this interesting piece and it will end up in storage facility.

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