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glockster96 03-06-2003 16:55

Club Numbers
Update - I'm not sure if we will get our list back. I did not have a backup, so the master list may have bitten the dust for good.


HFC Moderator

G Man .40 05-21-2003 14:18

Glocster if you need a hand doing a new list I have a program for organizing a new one. Let me know I'd be glad to help.

Sixgun_Symphony 10-25-2003 18:31

Put me down for #1851 please!

Dan 11-05-2003 14:54

Like to get #711 when you are up and ready. Thanks

Tommy Gun 11-15-2003 18:36

I will take one please. Your call.

onemilmhz 11-25-2003 23:58


Lupine 12-04-2003 21:48

And if #33 is available, I'll take it!

GSD17 03-22-2004 21:02

if its there.... #256

Mondo 04-26-2004 20:43

#357 if you guys get around to doing a list. Thanks.


SocomCen 05-08-2004 00:40

I'd like a club number, whatever is next will do. Thanks, Robb

glockster96 05-08-2004 02:40


I don't have any plans to rebuild the club list in the near future. If I do, I'll reopen this thread.


HFC Moderator

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