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michpatriot 02-07-2012 20:47

Nice gun shop...Custom Kydex holsters.
So theres this little gun shop in Westland Mich. on Wayne rd. with good service and selection. The owner Mo makes custom Kydex holsters...while you wait if it ain't too busy, and you get exactly what you want , what else can a person ask for? The shop is called Mo's guns :wavey:

jwhite75 02-07-2012 21:19

Sounds like a cool little place.

ALBin517 03-16-2012 10:43

'Swinkster' on here is from Linden. He has good Kydex stuff too.

Hailstorm 03-17-2012 19:03

What is the location. I wouldn't mind popping in.

ALBin517 10-01-2012 19:20

Swinkster's ad has disappeared from here and he is not returning emails.

Think I might check the Westland guy for my G20SF with Carver / red dot.

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