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GSX-MAN 02-23-2012 16:34

Please be patient, 1911 noob questions
Hi all,

Short description of my situation:

I am living in The Netherlands, where we have a limit of 5 firearms, limited to sporting or hunting purposes. I currenly own a Parker Hale .30-06 match rifle, a High Standard .22 target pistol, an AR15 with 2 uppers (counts as 1 firearm) and a Smith & Wesson 5906 9mm pistol.

My S&W 5906 is a piece of crap. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with it, unless I spend an extreme amount of training on it. Quite frankly, I'm sick of it and I need to get rid of it. It's taking valuable license space and I only use it in matches to keep my friends company. I really need a decent match pistol.

Enter 1911...

Currently, i'm involved in two kinds of matches. A semi-dynamic pistol competion, for which any gun with a six round capacity would fit the bill, and an IPSC-like competion, for which I sometimes need a sidearm with a high capacity.

If I get rid of the S&W, I would have 2 open spaces on my license, so I'm thinking of getting 2 guns. The current choices would be a Taurus PT1911 and a CZ75 SP01 Shadow.

Any thoughts on the Taurus? It seems a quite complete package for a decent price. They sell for about 745 euro's, that's about 915 dollars, and that's a decent price for a pistol with an extended beavertail, decent sights, ambidextrous safety and a picatinny rail.

Of course I like the STI Trojan better, but that one's over 1900 dollars, double the price. A SIG 1911 would be rather nice, too. That one would set me back about 1550 dollars.

If I go for the Taurus, I would spend the same amount of money on a CZ Shadow, which would mean I have 2 brand new pistols for about 1850 dollars.

Advice, feedback or blunt rudeness is greatly appreciated.

jedi573 02-23-2012 16:46

Skip the Taurus. Quality control is hit or miss. Some people will respond here that theirs have been fine, and they probably have been. But looking at larger sample sizes, you could do better for the price. Features are nice, but not at the expense of the quality control needed for reliability and durability.

The Trojan is a lot of bang for the buck. The prices for you over there are a little startling, though. I don't know if I'd spend almost two thousand dollars on a Trojan, but over here they're a good gun for a grand.

The CZs are becoming common competition guns for good reason. If you're not dead set on a 1911 they're a good option.

If you're looking for a lower-end match 1911, the Springfield Range Officer isn't bad at all. Pretty well fit and comes with adjustable sights to change to your particular match loads.


Rumbler_G20 02-23-2012 16:53

I just don't see the Tarus filling the match gun role. Well, at least not for long.

As you no doubt know to be competitive means you shoot a lot. More rounds per month than the average shooter fires in what . . ten years?

You get my point.

Does this Tarus have a reputation for high use longevity? The PT1911 also contains parts that no "common 1911 style pistol" uses, is acquiring replacement parts for this pistol plausible?

On the other hand . . . STI guns routinely see thousands of rounds per month. STI replacement parts are only a click or few away at worst.

I propose that you look deeper when considering the cost difference. Usually more expensive really does mean superior value in firearms.

Wetrudgeon 02-23-2012 17:48

We think your CZ proposal is a good call. However, it seems that the reviews on the Taurus 1911 pistols is mixed (at best). Like jedi and Rumbler said, the STI is a good pistol but the price you quoted is scary.

Our council is get the CZ. You will like it. Go into the Taurus thing if you must, but it may be risky.

We trudge on.

okie 02-23-2012 17:58

Do you have Springfield Armory hand guns available to you? From what I have read the Tarus does have some reliability issues. I have the Springfield Range Officer and it is an awesome pistol:supergrin::thumbsup:

F106 Fan 02-23-2012 18:02

I just picked up a Sig 1911 a couple of weeks ago. It is a really nice 1911 and I would highly recommend it.

I've only had it to the range three times but, so far, it has been flawless.


Dalton Wayne 02-23-2012 18:03


Originally Posted by GSX-MAN (Post 18621542)
Hi all,

Short description of my situation:

My S&W 5906 is a piece of crap. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with it,

Try standing in the barn :rofl:

Jhawk412 02-23-2012 20:05

I agree skip the Taurus. I have taught hundreds of people the class needed to apply for a Carry Concealed License in Kansas. Of all the different guns they've shot, only five have failed to the point they had to change guns for the 25 round qualification course. All five of the failed guns were Tauri. I call them guns for people who don't really need a gun. I personally had a 5-shot Taurus revolver. It quit after 3 months. I shot it about once a week. Locked up and wouldn't function. I sent it to Taurus with a note saying it I was LEO and it was my backup. Didn't hear a word for 5 months despite my three letters and several phone calls. Gun showed up on my doorstep after 5 months of silence with no note, no explanation of the problem fixed. I sold it the next day for half of the cheapo price I paid for it. you'd be better off getting a basic Springfield or Rock Island than a Taurus.

bac1023 02-23-2012 21:08

There are some good options in the guide in my signature.

GSX-MAN 02-24-2012 00:38

First of all; thanks, people!

I'll look into some other 1911's, then. Yes, the prices overhere are a lot higher. That's because we only have 40.000 potential customers and need to import most of our shooting supplies.

glockenturm 02-24-2012 04:09

I'm kind of curious about your AR...

GSX-MAN 02-24-2012 04:52

1 Attachment(s)
It's a combination of parts. I have a Bushmaster lower with a JP trigger group, dpms tactical bolt catch and choice between a magpul prs or ace stock.

My 20" upper has a tnw receiver, dpms heavy barrel with levang linear comp, yhm diamond handguard and Hawke nite eye 4-16 scope.

My 11,5" upper is a Colt commando with a utg handguard and a local custom gasblock and compensator. I use a burris pepr mount with a bushnell 1.5-4 scope on it.

GSX-MAN 02-24-2012 07:36

How about Mitchell Arms? There's a second hand '95 model for sale for about 500 dollars, with about 1000 shots fired. It looks decent on the pictures, nothing a good gunkote treatment won't fix.

ca survivor 02-24-2012 08:13


Originally Posted by okie (Post 18621878)
Do you have Springfield Armory hand guns available to you? From what I have read the Tarus does have some reliability issues. I have the Springfield Range Officer and it is an awesome pistol:supergrin::thumbsup:

What he said, skip on the Taurus it will a lot worse than your Smith.

GSX-MAN 02-24-2012 12:42

Ok, clear. I had a quick chat with one of my neighbours, who owns a gunstore. He has an Auto Ordnance, used, for about 300 dollars. Maybe for a tuning project?

GSX-MAN 02-24-2012 13:30


Originally Posted by okie (Post 18621878)
Do you have Springfield Armory hand guns available to you?

Not sure if they are still available new, but I know a second hand one:

He wants about $620 for it.

GSX-MAN 02-24-2012 13:43

Kind of affordable: Kimber Custom Target II Blue $1550

Looks pretty nice, with the adjustable sights:

cleanneon98 02-24-2012 17:39

I just paid nearly half of that for an identical looking gun, Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced. They also have a standard 1911 R1 which is around 600 in my area.

Rick O'Shay 02-24-2012 18:08

And, if $$$ is a restriction, the Rock Island 1911's are quite good. I have recently bought two of them, and they are 100% reliable and accurate. In the USA, the 5" model can be found for under $400. I have the 4", which is a bit higher at $440ish.

If $$$ is NOT a restriction, then the Kimber Gold Match is great, at ~$1500.

jaysonL 02-25-2012 06:10

I like the idea of the Rock Island too. I have been reading a LOT about them, and from what I can tell, they are fantastic, for the money.

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