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kb5601 03-16-2012 16:24

Yet another from Virginia
Joined up a few days ago... after lurking for a while
Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself.
I'm a new Glock, old handgun owner.
Won't bore you with the meager collection.
I bought a 21SF a couple of months ago,adding a Lone Wolf barrel and stainless guide rod...

Hi again and hope to learn alot from you guys and gals

bac1023 03-16-2012 18:51


mymini40 03-16-2012 19:09

Welcome to the forum!

LASTRESORT20 03-16-2012 19:14

Welcome from NC!

oily_oink 03-24-2012 10:23

:welcome: From Michigan!

kb5601 03-24-2012 17:20

Thanks for the welcome folks...

larson1122 03-25-2012 01:55


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