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elde 03-25-2012 17:22

"New" HP - Quick Question
Hi All -

Just picked up a MK111 made in 1989 and unfired. Has a forged frame, original box with all paperwork and is the std. matte finish model. My question is would you put this gun into service or keep in orginal condition in the safe?
Appreciate the opinions of the members - although I'm very familiar with many handguns my BHP knowledge is limited - I do have several choices for range & carry duty so this gun is not a necessity for use.

Thanks for your responses in advance.

bac1023 03-27-2012 20:58

I'd probably fire it, unles you already have another HP.

.45MoonClip 03-28-2012 12:14

What good is a gun you can't shoot. I have four older BHP, two of them are 'T' series guns. I have shot them all.:supergrin:

elde 03-29-2012 17:56

Thanks the range it goes Saturday morning. Have to sight in a couple of new lasers anyway, might as well initiate it at the same time.

FireForged 03-31-2012 16:21

My Hipowers have nearly doubled in value since I bought them, fired or not.. I shoot the heck out of mine :)

Two Guns 04-01-2012 10:37

You have to shoot it. It is a MKIII so it really doesn't have any collector value at this time.

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