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NitLion 04-11-2012 06:31

a fun range visit...
Got out yesterday for a little R&R after spending several days spring cleaning. Shot steel plates with three frangible loadings thru my P229 - the loads were:
Federal - 100g - CC BallistiClean
International Cartridge Corp. - 100g - HP - frangible
Precision Ammunition - 100g - copper matrix NTF

Had a new Wolff recoil spring in also. Everything shot fine - no failures

Then I figured that this clown zombie wasn't quite dead enough ( or is that un-dead enough??) after having been shot by an AR and a Mosin - so I whipped out my G31 and really finished him off!!

a fun range visit that ended too soon!!

RMD 04-12-2012 05:52

Clown zombies are strange & deserve to be SIG'd

NitLion 04-12-2012 17:39


Originally Posted by RMD (Post 18834010)
Clown zombies are strange & deserve to be SIG'd

Zombies man....they creep me out....

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