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WoodenPlank 04-15-2012 18:16

Picked up a Strider, and have questions...
I recently ticked the Strider box on my knife list by picking up a practically brand new RW-1 folder. I love the knife so far, except for one problem - when I got it, it was dull as hell. There were no wear marks anywhere on the blade, and hardly any from the frame lock, so I know the knife was never really used...

Yet it is damned dull. So, it needs and edge. I know I have a flat Smith's stone somewhere, and I have a Smith's pocket sharpener that I use on cheap blades all the time with good success. However, I get the feeling both of those will be inadequate for the Strider.

What suggestions can anyone give me for sharpening this thing? Is there an inexpensive sharpener I can get from somewhere like Home Depot that will work well, or am I going to have to either buy an expensive-as-heck unit, or have it done professionally?

NotSoFastEddie 11-15-2012 14:42

I use a Wicked Edge on mine... other folks I know have used the Spyderco system along with others. On Strider tantos, they leave the front edge fairly blunt for scraping and such... a lot of folks will reprofile it if they want it sharper.

PhilD 12-28-2012 16:06

I use a Spyderco Tri-Angle on my SMF. I've heard of a few people using the Lansky Diamond Pro with good results.

Travclem 12-30-2012 12:57

I sharpen everything on an Edge Pro Apex with Chosera water stones and touch up on a Spyderco sharpmaker and various strops. The problem with Strider knives is the thickness of the blade, they can be made sharp but it takes a lot of skill and a long time. You could pick up some DMT stones that will work better than the Smith. IMO Strider makes great prybars that have poor geometry for cutting.

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