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Firebob2917 05-03-2012 18:38

What was your AFSC?
571X0 then changed when the AF changed everything to 3E771
Fire Protection.

hokieglock 05-03-2012 18:53

11M3A-still in the reserves

TSAX 05-03-2012 19:00



Mongosafari 05-03-2012 19:26

43153C (old AF Specialty Code)
Airlift/Bombardment Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Crew Chief C-130e Hercules (MC-130e Rhein Main)

Rhein Main AB W Ger

Glock45Lover 05-04-2012 13:03


JBnTX 05-04-2012 13:23


Hilaldo 05-04-2012 14:57


Security Police (94-98)

Morris 05-04-2012 22:19

Started as a 46250, ended as a 1C471.

Ralff 05-11-2012 06:58

Started as a 3C0x1 (computer guy).

Am now a 9S100, or "Scientific Applications Specialist".

I should tell people that I am a scientist. :cool:

MDLibertarian 05-11-2012 09:16

Originally a 2A551J Aerospace Maintenance Journeyman (C-17A crew chief)

After retraining, a 1N571 Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation Craftsman (ELINT Analyst)

ricky 05-11-2012 13:13

Crewchief: f16,f117

belial 05-11-2012 21:09

Was a 1T171, then we merged, and am now a 1P071. Hopefully I'll be getting a new AFSC in Jun/July when the NCORP list comes out...

Firebob2917 05-13-2012 22:17

Ricky, f117 TTR or Holloman?

ricky 05-13-2012 22:51


Originally Posted by Firebob2917 (Post 18963864)
Ricky, f117 TTR or Holloman?

I was at ttr 90-92.

Firebob2917 05-14-2012 14:15

Cool was up there fron 85-88 and then moved a little south! Visited quite often after that.

crazyasian1 05-14-2012 14:53

3P071, 17 years and counting.

FriscoTx 05-14-2012 15:25

I was a 294X0 back in the late 60s (Electronic Intercept Operations Analysis Specialist). Do not know what the AF changed that to.

MDLibertarian 05-14-2012 19:11


Originally Posted by FriscoTx (Post 18966324)
I was a 294X0 back in the late 60s (Electronic Intercept Operations Analysis Specialist). Do not know what the AF changed that to.

If you had to know Morse code and/or were primarily performing collections when you were in it's probably 1N2X1. If you weren't doing collections it's probably 1N4X1.

usafric 05-14-2012 20:55

Started out as 811X0 (SP), then retrained to 457X0 (helo Maint) Then 8R000 (recruiter) then back to 2A572 (helo Maint).
Now retired and NM certified Police Officer

JimBianchi 05-14-2012 22:42

3P071 1983 to 1999

3N051 1999 to 2002

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