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HKLovingIT 05-17-2012 17:03

Was there ever a factory 3 pin Gen 2 G17?
If so, does anyone have an idea of date range or serial range?

If not, I guess that I'd be looking for a triple letter serial number range for a late model Gen 2 G17, if I'm reading the SN project thread correctly. I want one produced after the "6 part upgrade" happened.

Other than gunbroker any good places to look?



mymini40 07-09-2012 10:08

Werent they supposed to have 3 pins already?

DannyR 07-09-2012 10:35

No. The locking Block (3rd) pin was added to Gen3 9mm frames around mid 2002. The Gen3 frame was introduced in 1998.

All 40's have 3 pins.

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