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dstanley66 05-18-2012 17:34

Got my chp today !
Everyone have a great weekend. GOD BLESS AMERICA !:patriot:

wildmanjeff 09-18-2012 08:13

most common thing is people find they don't want to lug a pistol around "just to go get something" (quick short run)

man the more youtube videos and articles I read about people getting suprised doing common things, this is when you need it the most!

I posted a lot on youtube videos to people the fact that the more you carry the easier it is. Also, after you have worn it for an hour or so, it won't be so noticeable and you will be aware of it, but not as uncomfortable-- after a while I learned to appreciate the calmness in knowing that I am ready if I have to have it-at least I will have option to use it!

ca survivor 09-18-2012 09:20

Congrats, be safe.

Jack23 09-18-2012 21:08

Congratulations! In most of life variety is the spice. Don't be afraid to experiment with different carry guns, holster, and styles of carry. Learn to accommodate different weathers and social situations. It's a fun trip and can be enjoyable. Have fun.

TommyGunGlock 09-19-2012 10:13

Im trying to get mine but its hard in jersey.. Im Certifying with every known assocation just so they will give it to me..

Pauliec 09-20-2012 04:16


DonnaGW 01-21-2013 13:29


Originally Posted by dstanley66 (Post 18983847)
Everyone have a great weekend. GOD BLESS AMERICA !:patriot:

Congratulations! I'm planning to get mine next month.

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