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DoctaGlockta 05-22-2012 13:07

If the SHTF will you be capable of Physical Violence against another?
Not sure if I've seen this topic on here but it is a good one to consider.

Some of you are most likely military or LEO so you may have shot at someone before perhaps even wounded or ended a life.

But for civilians these days some or quite possibly most have never really had to 'fight' someone or have physically injure someone on purpose.

Back in the day fist fights on the playground were common and that is how things got settled. However these days this is a no-no. Some may have never been in a real life physical confrontation before.

If society goes awry chances are that you might have to defend yourself. Quite possibly in a face to face close encounter.

Have you ever been attacked before by someone that wanted to inflict harm on you or a loved one and what did you do?

If you have never been in that position you may want to really think about what you could do.

alabaster 05-22-2012 13:16

This could go in that other thread about questions that ought not be asked on the interweb........

concretefuzzynuts 05-22-2012 13:19

Careful answering this. Think of the trove of evidence a prosecutor could glean from your answer.

cyrsequipment 05-22-2012 13:20

I could NEVER hurt another person. That is why I gave away all my guns and sharp objects.

thesurefire 05-22-2012 13:23


Originally Posted by concretefuzzynuts (Post 18998374)
Careful answering this. Think of the trove of evidence a prosecutor could glean from your answer.

Keep this in mind.

Avoiding conflict is the way to go. That said, ask a solider if they felt guilty about firing back once engaged.

tuica 05-22-2012 13:24

If we did not have that ability, we would not have survived as a species. And if good citizens did not have the capacity for violence - evil would rule the earth. A right, and comforting notion. Cheers.

Snaps 05-22-2012 13:26

I'm a combat vet, I had enough of violence. Now instead of the NRA I'm a member of the DAV and Wounded Warrior Project. I have sold or turned in all my guns as well as blunt or sharp objects to prevent more violence.

pugman 05-22-2012 13:28

Rule #1 is to avoid the conflict if at all possible. World goes to *&^$ something tells me you can't call 911 (even if you win the fight) if/when you get injured. I don't think a doctor is a phone call away and hosptials might be so jammed full the broken arm you have might be a long way down the priority list.

Rule #2 Don't underestimate your opponent.

At 5'7 I have no disillusions about my ability to fight a larger opponent. I've been in two fights my entire I ran from (and the guy eventually became my best friend :dunno:) the other I stood my ground and the guy just walked away..

Well I guess I've never been in a fight.

If the world goes to heck, my job is to fight as absolutely as dirty as possible to incapacitate a person as quickly as I can.

Hand, foot or whatever I can get my hands b****

kirgi08 05-22-2012 13:34

If threatened,yep.'08.

93GT 05-22-2012 13:38


bdcochran 05-22-2012 13:49

different response
I will respond to the caption.

1. anyone is capable of physical resistance except perhaps a quadriplegic.

2. any person with martial artist experience will inform you that the first thing a competent instructor emphasizes is to avoid a fight and to avoid contact.

3. there is a mantra in competent shooting instruction that distance means safety. The same applies in physical combat.

4. Pugman - the smaller person in trained in the martial arts actually has the advantage over a larger person.

5. no matter what the training, when you grapple, you give up a lot of your advantage, if any.

6. OP - even monitored, careful practice in the fighting skills produces injuries - been there (hospitalized).

7. As Bruce Lee said, you need only 5 moves. Human ergonomics dictates the basic (same ) moves in escrima, knife fighting, entrenching tool fighting using your arms.

8. I don't advocate hurting people. I advocate learning human ergonomics, daily exercise, situational awareness and being physically fit. No, I haven't had a fight since probably 1957. And then, OP, I had no choice and took on 7 and only needed to beat the first opponent before the others ran.

concretefuzzynuts 05-22-2012 14:35

On a side note, I'll be interested to see if the prosecutor in the Zimmerman case has any internet forum posts from George. For example a gun forum.

Quigley 05-22-2012 14:55

I am Caucasian and I grew up in the hood, so yes

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wjv 05-22-2012 16:06

In a REAL SHTF scenario, my family's chance of survival would be greatly decreased if I was killed/injured. .

I have no desire to see my daughters or my wife die, so the answer is yes. .

TactiCool 05-22-2012 17:49

During said scenario, I will simply push the red button. Many complicated and marvelous things will happen when I do that.

jdavionic 05-22-2012 18:07

To protect myself and my loved ones, yes. I have no desire to hurt an innocent person. Once that line is crossed from innocent to threat, I have no issues at all in responding to ensure that there is no longer a threat.

beatcop 05-22-2012 18:10

...not worried about my proclivity...worried about the other guy's.

When two rational "armed" people meet, they may have a thought process. When a hood rat decides to jack me for sneakers, that's a problem...not sure what he's thinking.

The real issue is what degree of pre-emptive violence are inclined to perform, what level of physical discomfort will you endure before you place your needs ahead of others-and act.

Prior threads have revealed juveniles, predators, and morally compromised persons posting here...sometimes "don't go there" is best.

RMTactical 05-22-2012 20:24

I don't ever want to harm another person. However, I will not flinch in defending my family from great bodily harm or death. I feel that I am charged with their personal protection and it is a sacred duty IMO, and it is something I take very seriously.

G29Reload 05-22-2012 20:53

I'm capable of self defense right damn now if necessary.

RedHaze 05-22-2012 21:15

I went there, I did that, and I got the ribbon for it. I have no issue with putting down the wolves that mistake me or my family for sheep.

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