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joeledwards515 05-26-2012 09:19

21 sf/rtf2
What is a 21sf/rtf2 worth ?
Thanks, Joel

Squatcho 05-26-2012 14:23

The g21 short frame rtf2 isn't a very common model. Most were issued to police departments with fewer released for civilian sale. One of my local shops has a handful of new ones for sale for 599 with standard sights. Police trade ins would be worth less to most people. Some of them had a true ambidextrous mag release that can add value.

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Firecop203 06-26-2012 06:49

I saw one at a dealers table at the gun show last weekend. It was $529.00 NIB.

9mmdude 06-27-2012 09:37

Soon what a regular glock 21sf is. Glock started making them again and Davidson's has them in stock.

Over 99 in stock

Solscud007 09-27-2012 13:50

Does the RTF2 G21 have gill serations?

D1N0 09-27-2012 23:06


Originally Posted by Solscud007 (Post 19461643)
Does the RTF2 G21 have gill serations?

No, Glock never made the 21 with gill serrations.

tnd2 01-24-2013 20:29

BNIB G21SF RTF2 Nib-X $625, w/2 13rnd mags

madAB 01-24-2013 21:45

At first they were an over-run for a department and only a few thousand were released. At that time, they were going for up to $800. Recently, Glock started producing them for the civilian market and they can be found easily and plentifully. Hence, they are worth about the same as any other G21 now.

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