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cybersandman 06-02-2012 16:24

Gen 4 Glock break in
Purchased a Gen 4 - G19, cleaned it and took in to Front Sight in Las Vegas. It performed great. I fired the first six hundred rounds through that handgun at the course and kept them on target with no malfunctions. I really like the mag release and smaller grip over the Gen 3 version.

lethal tupperwa 06-02-2012 18:19

you cleaned it did you lube acording to the manual?

cybersandman 06-02-2012 20:08


Originally Posted by lethal tupperwa (Post 19043932)
you cleaned it did you lube acording to the manual?

Sure did. Lubed with Militec..

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RM686 09-13-2012 16:35

Just picked up my new G19 4th gen. Gun comes new lubed with grease. How come you guys dont use grease like on the slide rails? Guy who sold me the gun said only use oil and he is a gunsmith?

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