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Vanman2004b 06-25-2012 21:30

STI Rogue
Anybody have one? If so tell me about it.

ca survivor 06-27-2012 06:19

I'll like to know too.

Vanman2004b 08-15-2012 17:29


Quack 08-15-2012 18:59

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Vanman2004b 08-15-2012 20:27

Thanks. I read that sometime ago but was looking for more. Joe sold his and wishes that he had it back.

Quack 08-15-2012 20:28

I don't have one, but have a few STI's and wouldn't hesitate to buy more.

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Vanman2004b 08-27-2012 21:04

I found one a couple weeks ago. It arrived today. Unforunately it will be a couple weeks before I can shoot it.

Vanman2004b 11-08-2012 18:08

Had it refinished in Black-T. They found the captured spring in the Recoil Master was broken. STI replaced it under warranty. It is great now. I missed another one on GB by about three weeks. Anybody know of one for sale?

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