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FastGuyTim 07-03-2012 08:07

G17 Gen3 or Gen4?
I am looking to get a G17 in the next few weeks. I have read the stories about the Gen4 both good & not good. I am sure some are break in issues. Which would you get?

Full disclosure: I have owed multiple Glocks.

loyloyola 01-28-2013 16:31

For a guy with small hands, I like the Gen4. I just bought one $609 OTD in Tampa. I know, I know. I can have one cheaper by about $60 but that's out if you are lucky your LGS has it.

aikimo 01-28-2013 16:34

Love my gen 4 g17...

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Eaz8 01-28-2013 23:22

i only buy gen 4's. i like the grip better.
but i have to say, if you can find a rtf2 gen 3.5 get it. that is the best glock ive tried. the grip shape feels diferent than my gen 4 with and without 1 backstrap, and the rtf is amazing. some complain its too grippy, but i dont find that.

i may grab one for ipsc shooting.

MustangDaddy 01-29-2013 17:53

Maybe Im stubborn but I just can't get into the Gen4's. Don't like the way they look or feel compared to the Gen3's. To me it was Glock fixing something that wasn't broken. For me and my tastes, it's the Gen3's all the way.

James1000 02-27-2013 22:16

Personally, I cant tell much of a difference in how the shoot. Its a matter of how they feel and look which is the difference IMO.

michael_b 02-27-2013 22:23

I got my Gen 4 17 for $450 - used, about a year old at the time.

I much perfect the grip to the Gen 3s.

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kirbinster 02-27-2013 22:40

I just got a Gen4 G22 and like the grip on it much better than the Gen3.

JoleBole 02-27-2013 22:46

Gen4. Go for it.

Arizonan 02-28-2013 15:30

Gen4 for sure, no wait Gen3. Aw heck get both!

MustangDaddy 02-28-2013 19:36

I have been spending alot of time at my local gun hangout fondling the Gen4's trying to get into them vs my beloved Gen3's. They are growing on me and it appears that Glock has worked out the bugs on them. I may have break down and pick up a
Gen4 22 or 35. I will just refer to it as the Red Headed step child of the ;)'

rover4x4 03-02-2013 07:30

I've had a few Gen3 Glocks, a friend has a gen4 G19 he has easily put a few thousands rounds through it with no issue. It will likely be my next gun, unless I get a Sig. I've read here that people have been having issues with these guns, folks that I shoot with have had no issues yet.

Marshall Dillon 03-02-2013 08:32

My favorite Glock is my Gen-4 FDE 19. Go with the Gen-4.

ArizonaPhil 03-03-2013 07:21

The range guys have done quite a bit of testing on the Gen4s and they are pleased with them. I personally own two Gen4s and I've had no issues with them whatsoever.

SCmasterblaster 10-14-2013 14:45

My Gen 3 G17 is an excellent firearm for CCW.

dale17 07-03-2014 22:53

Consider yourself fortunate that you have the ability to consider a gen4 anything. You cannot buy any gen4 in California.

Hodag 07-16-2014 15:48

I just bought a used Gen 4 Mod 17 for 399 otd, no box and only one mag. It shoots great, right on up to if not better than my Mod. 30 Gen 4...

colin1230 07-17-2014 04:12

Gen 3 or Gen 4 is purely personal preference. My G17 and G26 are Gen 3's, wish they were Gen 4's.

ddown 07-18-2014 20:44

I have a three day old 17 Gen4 150 rounds in 2 days works great and accurate.

drifter2be 07-19-2014 22:54

I have yet to shoot a Gen4 (or SF model for that matter) that had a trigger that felt as good as a Gen3 trigger. I don't know what the heck Glock did to the triggers when they switched to the Gen4, but the trigger feels like there is a lot more travel from the point that the trigger bar contacts the striker than on the Gen3, almost mushy to the point that it breaks. Then Gen3 guns feel like the point of engagement to the point of break is much shorter and crisper. Maybe I have just handled a lot of Gen4 and SF guns that have come out of the factory with poor triggers.

Personally, I am sticking with Gen3 guns as long as I can still buy them. If I wanted a striker fired pistol with a mushy trigger I can get a Springfield XD for a bit less money. :supergrin:

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