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GLOCKgeo 07-08-2012 21:58

Not a Kalashnikov but a Simonov
I know, I know it's not an AK but it's still from Mother Russia. :whistling: Here is my 54' Izzy SKS. Are there any SKS collectors here. If there is no room for SKS on this AK forum please delete.

Ironbar 07-09-2012 14:35

Oh if I only had more money to spend on rifles! I've had the opportunity to buy a Norinco and a Russian SKS within the last couple months, and couldn't do it.

I like my AK, but I love my Yugo SKS. It's big and beefy, like me!

vettely 07-09-2012 18:09

I like that stock.

ReyFufuRulesAll 07-10-2012 20:47


Originally Posted by vettely (Post 19179146)
I like that stock.


Waboom!! 07-10-2012 22:10

I have a Yugo and Chyneeee . I love them both the chinese is scoped and has killed deer. The yugo is g.i. and has shot alot of paper and tannerite. :cool: I like them both equally. But I plan to buy grandpas Russian soon.

mcknife 07-16-2012 05:44

I had eleven SKSs at one time, Am down to several Russians and a Yugo. Two of the Russians are the hard to find Izzys and three Tulas have laminated stocks and one a custom Fajen. Love to shoot them although the unissued are safe queens.
Yes that is a pretty stock and I have bought guns just because of the wood.

Veedubklown 07-16-2012 14:33

That's quite a fine rusky. That stock is gorgeous, I wouldn't change a thing on it. I bought mine as a franken-gun, peiced together by... someone. I'm assuming it was all norinco, all the parts looked chinease. I've done quite a bit to my SKS, trigger work, stock, sights, etc. It's a fantastic rifle, and I use it for 3-gun.



GLOCKgeo 07-16-2012 21:59

Thanks guys. I plan on keeping her the way she is. Here is another picture of me shooting it.

Veedubklown 07-17-2012 13:27

Beautiful, as it should be. They balance really well with the wood stocks and bayonet, the tapco stocks are very forward heavy. I've seen guys use those for 3 gun with stripper clips like a champ. You can get good with them, and recharge 10 rounds faster than alot of guys can do a mag change on an AR, for $5/20 rounds, vs AR ammo prices.

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