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Poohgyrr 08-15-2012 14:34

G31 in 357Sig
Anyone shooting one of these, any Generation? What do you think?

For myself, a Gen4 G31 is pretty nice. Compared to my old Glock 40's, the recoil recoil is less with more of a straight back push. Less muzzle rise too. MUCH better accuracy.

Overall, I like it much more than the G22.

ParisArms 08-15-2012 14:45

Buy a 31 barrel and have the best of both worlds. I have a 32 but shoot 40 more often because of ammo cost and availability. 135 grain 40 s&w comes close to the feel and power of 357sig.

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NitLion 08-15-2012 15:04

Love mine!! Just can't find any complaints with it. Like it better than the G23 I got rid of years ago!

clarkstoncz 11-26-2012 20:46

I really like the feel/fit of the larger Gen 4s like the G17 and G22, but have yet to handle
a Gen 3 G31 and G33.

No Gen 4 G26 or G27 as well.

One place refuses to carry the Gen 4s here.

others are hooked on selling XDs and a Taurus pistols.

theAlgorithmist 11-27-2012 13:10

Gen 4 G31 with a 5.3" KKM barrel. I have just three words to say about it. Yes, YES, YES!!!


- jim

AK74play 12-04-2012 19:36

My first 357 sig was my 31. I bought it years ago and it spoiled me completely. By far my favorite cartridge. I ordered it with factory adjustable sights. After sighting it in as 25 yards. I ran it out to 75 yards and it shot to the same point of aim with the same sight position (hold) I sighted it in with at 25. Awsome gun and round. I have more 357 sig's than I care to mention now including the long slide in my avitar which is my favorite.

sgtbones 12-05-2012 16:46

Love mine fits my hand better than the 32. I bought a 22 barrel for it.

clarkstoncz 12-06-2012 14:57

I should have stated.

The Gen 4 G22 and G17 felt wonderful in my hand.

I'm still waiting to see or handle a Gen 4 Baby Glock.

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