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Fisherman 08-31-2012 07:24

Kahr CM9
For the past few years, my carry gun of choice has been a Ruger LCP. I know--lack of stopping power, etc. but I just consider it a "get offa me" gun and I'm not trying to rekindle the 9mm vs .380 debate. I am considering a move to a Kahr Arms CM9 and I'm wondering if anyone has any extended experience with that or similar Kahr subs. I like the way it fits my ageing form and, so far, haven't found any drawbacks. :fishing:

John43 08-31-2012 07:57

I carried the LCP and then went to CM9, love it and it shoots great,conceals very easy.

simotek 08-31-2012 08:00

I have a CM9 for situations where my G26 is too big. Its a nice gun. Fit and finish is great and it has performed flawlessly for me with over 600 rounds through it. Very accurate.

Fisherman 08-31-2012 08:18

I guess you recognized that I meant LCP. Fat fingers. :fishing:

JTSmith 08-31-2012 08:57

I bought an LCP for my wife, which she HATED because of the long, heavy trigger. Oh yeah, she didn't like the recoil either:l So I inherited it. It made a great pocket gun that was so easy to carry, you never had an excuse not to. Even though the gun was 100% reliable, I sold it and bought a CM9. I love everything about it, except for the reset. It's rather long. But until Glock makes a pocket pistol, the CM9 will work just fine.

ron59 08-31-2012 12:36

And this has to do with gssf.... how?

Wrong forum.

Fisherman 08-31-2012 14:39

Have no idea how it landed in GSSF. :fishing:

PM720 08-31-2012 16:29


Originally Posted by Fisherman (Post 19370155)
Have no idea how it landed in GSSF. :fishing:

Fat fingers? :whistling::rofl:


Fisherman 08-31-2012 18:31

Those of us who grew up with rotary dial phones blamed our touch tone dialing difficulties on "fat fingers".

Ken43 09-08-2012 14:59

I have a PM-9 that I have been carrying for about 3 years. I generally carry it on a hip belt holster, or in my right front pocket with a pocket holster. I probably carry it more than any of my other ccw guns. I shoot it out to 15 yds. with no problems. Accuracy is very good. Like someone else said, I will carry this gun until Glock makes a single stack 9mm in pocket size.

Fisherman 09-10-2012 14:44

Thanks; I've just about made the decision to move on to the Kahr. I, too, if I like it as much as you do, will carry it until Glock makes a single stack 9. :fishing:

mj9mm 09-11-2012 13:33

the CM9 is an excellent gun for it's size, mine has been flawless for the 2 years i've had it. shoots easy. :cool:

Kalmah 09-11-2012 20:32

No experience with the CM9, but I've had a PM9 for over 6 years and I love it.

The PM9 and a CW45 are my two CCW guns, with the PM9 being carried about 75% of the time. I have no complaints and will enthusiastically sing the praises of both those pieces.

cpham9006 09-12-2012 05:29

I trust my CM9 with my life. After the 250 round break in period, I have experienced no issues.

grit 09-20-2012 18:05

The CM9 is a very handy and concealable little piece. It is great for summer time carry. In a pocket holster (PJHolster) it easily carries in my front pocket in my shorts or in cargo pants. I also carry it on my belt in a Don Hume JIT.

I have a Kel Tec P32 which I have also carried in my pocket for years. It is terrific for summer carry as well (or tight jeans) and I carry it when for some reason the CM9 is awkward but I don't carry it nearly as much as I used to. The CM9 is more accurate and powerful even though it carries 2 less rounds. As a belly gun at very close range, the P32 is great. Out over 10 yards, the CM9 really is a lot more accurate so it is my preferred carry and I can also carry hollow points which I don't do in my P32 as I desire the extra penetration over expansion. With the 9mm I get both.

I highly recommend the CM9.

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