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jacquejet 09-09-2012 19:08

Passing Lane?

Wait for it!

F14Scott 11-05-2012 19:47

I did that down a highway outside of Fallon, NV. 40 feet, 540 KIAS. Quite a rush.

WARRIOR13 11-06-2012 16:20

Damn!!! That was cool! I had one buzz by me 15yrs ago when I was on my sportbike doing very dumb things! So glad I grew up.

sns3guppy 11-08-2012 22:55


Wait for it!'s a helicopter, and it flies faster than a car. Go figure. Yippee.

JuneyBooney 11-09-2012 02:26


Originally Posted by jacquejet (Post 19402540)

That was cool. :cool:

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