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jack76590 09-26-2012 01:25

Speer LE 50 round box, +P 135 gr

I have found for sale some Speer LE 50 round boxes of +P 135gr GDHP, # 53921.

My question is how similar is this round to the Speer personal defense, short barrel load, also 135 gr JHP, that you have found most effective in 2" revolvers?

If not the same, how well would it work in 38 snub 2" barrel? Thanks Jack

Mas Ayoob 09-26-2012 05:38

Sounds like the same good ammo, bro.

jack76590 09-26-2012 16:20

Thanks Mas,

$30 a box of 50, a lot better then the $20+ I paid last year for 20 round boxes.

Another forum member PMed me and explained that stock numbers the same for 20 and 50 round boxes expect for first number - 2 in case of 20 round boxes and 5 in case of 50 round boxes.

Stock number on my 20 round box is 23921, so that would also indicate same stuff.

Still expensive, but can shoot a few to better confirm point of impact, etc. Thanks again. Jack

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