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SCmasterblaster 09-27-2012 19:23

My carry cartridges
are Winchester 9mmP 115gr JHP +p+ loads that achieve a whopping 1400 FPS out of my G17. What are the chances of being confronted by an anti-gun prosecutor here in rural VT? Would I be better off using ball ammo? :upeyes:

Mas Ayoob 09-27-2012 20:43

If that came to pass, the lawyer I would recommend for you would establish that you knew this load was widely and successfully used by police, and that you bought it for the same reason the police did. Using ball ammo for self defense in the 9mm would be -- what's the legal term again? Oh yeah..."stoopid." :supergrin:


SCmasterblaster 09-28-2012 10:38

Can you recommend a good gun lawyer near to me here in Hartford VT? :cool:

Mas Ayoob 09-28-2012 21:06

Two sources for ya, bro. One would be Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, They have a lot of referral attorneys familiar with shooting and gun cases.

Another would be super pro-gun attorney Penny Dean in Concord, NH. She's licensed in several New England states. If she doesn't practice in VT, she'll know who's the best there at this type of case.


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