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robin303 09-28-2012 22:21

Anybody use Gmail
I have gmail and the last 3 days for some reason I can't forward emails. My contact list when I check off the names the window almost turns white and none of the names go to the "To" box. :dunno:Can't seem to find a tech support for gmail either. Any ideas.


sbhaven 09-29-2012 07:16

Gmail is working on my end in IE9. I am able to check off the names from the Select Contacts box and hit the Select button to add the names to the "TO" field for the message to be forwarded.

Gmail Help
Gmail Forum on Google Groups

Linux3 09-29-2012 07:47

What browser are you using?
Try a different one and see if that also causes problems.
Can you use another computer and try that? Maybe the Public Library.

Paul53 09-29-2012 09:16

Sounds like an Internet Exploder problem, not Gmail.

GlockFanWA 09-29-2012 09:39


Originally Posted by Paul53 (Post 19467491)
Sounds like an Internet Exploder problem, not Gmail.

No problems here with gmail and IE9.

Bushflyr 09-29-2012 13:05

I'm working off a very fuzzy memory, but i had something similar happen a while back and fixed it by reinstalling java. I think. :D

Drjones 10-03-2012 15:08

- What browser are you using?

- Try a new browser like Chrome preferably, or Firefox.

- Clear your internet temp file cache.

- Install the latest versions of Flash & Java. Easiest to go to and click the boxes to install firefox, Chrome, Java and Flash.

Try again with a new browser & updated plugins. Just about guarantee that'll fix it.

While you're at it, run all your Windows updates too.

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