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glockfanbob 10-02-2012 12:21

Bench press, back twist and some music...
..make for one hell of a funny video I found on YouTube.

Due to my crappy technical skills trying to post a YouTube video on the forum from my iPad I am hoping someone can look it up and embed it within the thread as I hope others can enjoy this video as much as I do. :wavey:

The name of the video is "Weight Lifting Fail Pt. 2!"

Glock30Eric 10-02-2012 14:16

There you go!

Green_Manelishi 10-02-2012 14:36

Except for the amount of time the bar is held up, I canna laugh too much at him. If you watch me attempt a lift at certain weights you'll see my left arm cannot accomplish the lift. Neck injury, residual permanent weakness. Great soundtrack though !

matt_lowry123 10-02-2012 21:27

I sent this video out after watching it. It looks like he's about to fall off the bench!!

glockandgroovin' 10-03-2012 16:00

Regardless of how hideous his form is,he's determined to move that

matt_lowry123 10-03-2012 16:27

God I just watched this again!!! The music is classic!!! Hahahaha

Goldendog Redux 10-03-2012 16:53

I gotta think the guy has some mobility/injury issue going on. Either way, I don't think that is how they teach the bench press at Westside Barbell.


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