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Glockbuster 10-03-2012 21:31

Longest SD distance of engagement
Hello Mas,

In another thread you have pointed out not to rely on statistics for self defense shooting distances. If we cannot rely on the mean, it would really be helpful to know what is the longest distance that you have documented and researched where the victim engaged his or her attacker. That is speaking stricly from a civilian self defense case against an agressor. Also, as per your research and findings, what is the longest distance that you would have less trouble justifying self defense in court.

Thanks in advance.

Mas Ayoob 10-03-2012 23:49

A couple come to mind, both from Texas. In the Texas Tower massacre in 1966 in Austin, it was rifle fire from armed citizens on the ground that pinned psycho killer Charles Whitman down and stopped the killing until another armed citizen who knew the building led two Austin cops to the top of the tower, where they killed the SOB. In the other case, a man whose name was never made public -- known only as "the hunter" to the press -- pulled over, took out his hunting rifle, and killed a man who had just murdered a Texas highway patrol officer. Both distances were three-digit yardages.

If "within the totality of the circumstances" the guy needs to be shot, the distance is easily explainable in court.


Glockbuster 10-04-2012 08:04

Great insight, and in case a rifle is not available I guess we could talk out to 50 yards with a handgun.

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