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Pete7072 10-03-2012 22:44

NJ FFL To Do WASR Transfer ??
Alright, so after a dozen or so e-mails and phone calls, I have found a WASR-10 that is NJ legal. After letting them know that the rifle that they're selling ( no NJ, NY, California shipping ) is actually 100% NJ legal, they will send the WASR-10 to me. I do have an FFL that does all my transfers, but before I ask them to do it. Does anyone know an FFL that will definitely accept a NJ legal WASR, and transfer it? If you do not want to post it publicly, just send me a PM. Please, and Thanks

WASRfan 10-06-2012 01:13

Again - what makes a WASR NJ legal?

Single stack 10rd mags, pistol grip, tacked muzzle nut - all legal?

G22Dude 10-06-2012 22:07

You can have double stack 10 and 11 round mags in NJ. Spot weld on a compensator on the muzzle, and get rid of the bayonet lugs. That's what they did to my Saiga, in PA.

jstang 10-07-2012 17:48

arms-n-ammo in the winslow area will definitely do it if you're in South Jersey, great guy to deal with.

toshbar 10-09-2012 19:07

Just have them weld the gas port in the barrel and turn it into a schmidt-rubin type bolt action AK.

Polak 10-10-2012 11:56

Where are you located? Shouldn't be hard to have it transferred as long as it's Jersey legal.

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