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DonGlock26 10-08-2012 16:25

Clinton aide swiftly briefed lawmakers on 'coordinated' Libya strike

Clinton aide swiftly briefed lawmakers on 'coordinated' Libya strike, despite Rice claims

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Game over, Dems. It's a cover-up and involves Al Qaeda and the assassination of a US ambassador.

Usually, the cover-up does more damage than the problems. This is one of those times.

countrygun 10-08-2012 16:42

The "Transparent" Administration lied?

I am shocked I tell you, Shocked!

JBnTX 10-08-2012 17:35

An attack on American soil, no different from 9-11, and the US government tried to cover it up and pretend it didn't happen.

All for political reasons.:steamed:

Americans should be marching in the streets and demanding Clinton's and Obama's resignations.

porschedog 10-08-2012 17:38

An American ambassador is murdered, our embassy trashed, yet no outrage

Obammma must go.

CourtCop 10-08-2012 17:56

Unfortunately, I don't think this will matter to most of the people who will vote for Obama.

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