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dango 10-09-2012 12:59

Oh God , Help Me !
Well , Every morning , the wife , mother-in-law and myself meet in my kitchen ,
for morning coffee . I am literally trapped between two women
"in stereo at full volume" talking about two totally different things !
My poor old brain does not have the capacity to prossess all
this data at the same time .
I've just gotten through one of these episodes and , well , I have
a migrane , am cross eyed and really , really , I mean really ,need SOMETHING , ANYTHING ! HELP............!
I got my wife in a panic mode about the missing cat and ,MOM , I have no IDEA what she's ever , ever talking about ! HELP !

Had to take a little pause there........HELP ! Got sucked back into the 2nd. round of the verbal carnage ,(IN-SREREO-AT- FULL-VOLUME) so's I'm BACK...! I try not to get into these
coversations with them because it is a no win THING ! HELP!

Cool of mind and body , I try but to no end , listen . HELP !
I sit here now realling and dizzy trying to sort it all out !

HELP....! I am open for ANY advice or HELP...! Right now ,
as we speak , the verbal combat continues , (IN-STEREO-


scratchy wilson 10-09-2012 17:43

Flatulate, without mercy.

dango 10-09-2012 17:48

Actually , I was thinking of hard core alcoholism...HELP..!

concretefuzzynuts 10-09-2012 17:58

Scratchy's right. Copious amounts of beans and cabbage.

dango 10-09-2012 18:12

What , HELP , Human-internal-combustion...? HELP , how
do I get them to eat it , HELP........?

PS: , HELP.......!

concretefuzzynuts 10-09-2012 18:44

GlockinNJ 10-09-2012 19:04

F350 10-09-2012 20:29

I was trapped between 2 women once; 1 wasn't my wife and the other wasn't my moter-in-law :whistling:

dango 10-09-2012 22:22


Originally Posted by F350 (Post 19502272)
I was trapped between 2 women once; 1 wasn't my wife and the other wasn't my moter-in-law :whistling:

Auuh , those were the days....! :embarassed:

Lone_Wolfe 10-09-2012 23:21

2 words. Man Cave.

dango 10-10-2012 02:04


Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe (Post 19502658)
2 words. Man Cave.

I am shackled to a device that has limited my movment a tad.!
I call him Dango-3PO , he's sort of like the socker ball in the movie "Cast-away " Tom Hanks and I can only move so far.!
There is no physical escape , HELP , no "Man-Cave" , HELP..!

On a lighter note , Lone Wolfe , how you doin sweety ?
Well I hope........! :hearts:

So's.........HELP !

dango 10-10-2012 02:17!

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