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randyc74 10-20-2012 21:38

If you could only keep one of your Glocks, which one?
I had a Glock only day at the range the other day and had a hoot shooting my
G23, G27, G30, and G34. Later while cleaning the pistols, I started thinking what if I could only keep one, which one would it be, and why?
After much thought, I picked my 2nd Gen G23.
I carried that one on duty as an LEO since 1997. It was my first Glock, It never failed to go “bang” when I squeezed the trigger. With a Lone Wolf 40/9 conversion barrel, I’ve fired thousands of 9mm rounds through it with no malfunctions. It makes a fun range gun. It conceals well for ccw use and makes a great home protection handgun.
If you guys could only keep one of your Glocks, which one would it be?

HEXE9 10-20-2012 21:39

21SF for sure!

SJ 40 10-20-2012 21:49

G 22 od ! Sj 40

krisspy 10-20-2012 21:50

My Gen3 G23.

kodiakpb 10-20-2012 21:52

19 RTF2 with RMR

Marine123 10-20-2012 21:53

Glock 23 gen 3

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skyboss_4evr 10-20-2012 21:54

G23 for sure. Tough part would be deciding which one... Gen4 or Gen3.

AK74play 10-20-2012 21:56

The 6.02 inch 357 sig pictured in my avitar.

dakrat 10-20-2012 21:56

only one Glock? definitely the G17.

bobtheelf 10-20-2012 21:57

My Gen3 G23 for sure. It was my first, and still my favorite.

I would try to sneak the barrel from my G32 in too though...

xrmattaz 10-20-2012 21:57

My G38 with no hesitation.

Trapped_in_Kali 10-20-2012 21:59

Well unlike most here who seem to have 1 or 2 hundred Glocks I only have 1. So I'd pick the G20SF.

glockin-45 10-20-2012 22:09

Well i was thinking about getting a hi-cap Glock, like the G17, 17+1 9mm. But being a .45 guy, i went with a Glock 21, 13+1 of .45 cal. Whats not ta like? If a guy can shoot his 9 0r 40 cal better, so be it. I'll stick with the G21.

gsmullins 10-20-2012 22:58

G22. I hate the beyotch, but it's the best of my Glock inventory.

Clutch Cargo 10-20-2012 23:16

I own one Glock, a G23.

Angry Fist 10-20-2012 23:21

My G20. It ain't like there's another one worth owning.

NDCent 10-21-2012 04:23

Only one Glock... G35

Only one pistol... G27

rlcoy58 10-21-2012 04:23

G 23 Gen2

eracer 10-21-2012 04:49

My Gen 1 G17.

jb1911 10-21-2012 05:44

I love my G26 so much that I never really wanted another Glock. I don't see how it could get any better.

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