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GOOFA 10-26-2012 19:10

Dan Wesson PM-9 Finally Arrived
My new PM-9 finally arrived, but the left side of the slide caught me by surprise.

BigDeeeeeeee 10-26-2012 19:17

I was just looking at those earlier today thinking I'd like a 9. Looks great, congrats.:cool:

matt_lowry123 10-26-2012 19:52

Nice!!! I saw one last month. Looking back, I should have got it!!

glock_19guy1983 10-26-2012 20:19

Ive been looking into the valor and one of the selling points for me is the tasteful small rollmarks. Dan Wesson needs to tone those roll marks down a bit.

bac1023 10-26-2012 22:40

Very nice Greg

Great pics as always :cool:

XDfense 10-27-2012 07:38

Never seen one before, but a very handsome pistol. Dad has a Heritage, brother has a Valor and they are fantastic pistols. I'm sure a 9mm version is awesome.

TexasVine 10-27-2012 08:44

Congrats! Nice looking gun.

ca survivor 10-27-2012 10:47


TonyT 10-28-2012 16:02

The PM-9 not only looks good it also provides excelent performance.

RetailNinja 10-28-2012 16:54

I am highly envious. I wanted a PM9 but could not find one anywhere so I settled for a Kimber 5" 9mm. I'd take one even with the billboard!

venenoindy 10-28-2012 17:00

nice looking DW!

redrick 10-28-2012 17:35

My Pointman 9 is one of my favorite pistols. Mine is an older one without the billboard, which I like better.

deadite 10-28-2012 17:55

Looks like yours has front strap checkering and fiber optic front sights. Did the older PM9 have those upgrades? Looks great! I don't mind the Dan Wesson signature on the slide.


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steve1911 10-29-2012 00:41


Looks great.


GOOFA 10-29-2012 05:21

I managed to put through 350 rounds this weekend and I must say the performance was stellar. In the beginning I had 2 or 3 frtb the rest was all good. I managed to put 100 rounds inside a 3" circle @ 21ft with room to spare, a 47 round group of 1 1/2 in. @ 30 ft. It did take me a box of 50 to adjust the rear sight so I could achieve the results mentioned above. The slide and frame fit is probably the best of all my DW's and they are all excellent. The trigger is excellent, crisp with no creep whatsoever and I imagine that will improve over time. Overall finish is typical DW that being excellent for the money. I've shot 9mm 1911's costing 2 to 2 1/2 times the price and my PM-9 can easily hang with them as far as performance off hand goes. I expect to hit the 1000 round mark faster than I did with any other firearm, it's that much a pleasure to shoot.:perfect10:
By the way, I'm at peace with the DW signature on my slide.

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