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harleypower69 11-13-2012 20:57

Glocks and concern about weapon mounted light

I wrote here about two weeks ago with a question about 38 Super vs. 357 Sig. I was leaning toward the 1911 platform. I have since decided to buy my 4th Glock (9MM and to .45ACPs currently) and picking up a Model 32.

I had a discussion with a close friend who is an instructor and armorer with my state's DPS. He told me to think twice about a weapon mounted light on the Glock as he had seen a numerous amount of FTF with a light attached to the rail.

Can you tell me from your experience - have you heard of this? Is this a real concern limited to early generation Glock platforms? Caliber specific? Use a hand held light? Do I need to buy the Glock light or do new generation platforms now work in combination with any mounted light? Any thoughts are deeply appreciated by this former NH resident now in AZ.

Much Respect,


Mas Ayoob 11-13-2012 21:26

You'll want to have a hand held light anyway for any search task, since otherwise, you're pointing a loaded gun at everything you look at.

My experience and research both indicate the primary culprit in problems with Glocks and lights was the Glock in .40, usually in older models and usually with a light which was screwed down to affix, and sometimes screwed too tight. Glock assures me that the problem has been solved in current production.

My own Glock 31 wears a light more often than not (a Surefire, which does not screw-tighten to mount) and I've never had a problem with hundreds of rounds with the light affixed.

You'll want to run a few hundred rounds through any new handgun before you trust it for HD/SD anyway. Include the light in the test. If there's going to be a problem, it should show up early.


harleypower69 11-15-2012 15:31


That makes complete sense. I'll find a Surefire with the desired attachment design. I already have several of their handheld lights. Thank-you for helping me on this one.

Much Respect,


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