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CometPx4 11-19-2012 12:31

G29 QUESTION-Gen 4 spring in Gen 3??
I wen to my local dealer with the idea of getting a second G29 in which i would put in an extended barrel. He had 3 new ones-all Gen 3's on the outside, but the recoil spring was of the Gen 4 type (dual but with the key hold tube etc..)
all else was gen 3-grip, mag release etc..
Anyone else seen this?? I passed on it as i was worried about the function. Just wasn't sure if this hybrid set up would effect function.
Anyone have any thoughts or experience on this issue?

IronRonin 11-19-2012 12:59

This is my current setup. When I sent my 29sf into Glock for repair they replaced all the frame internals and swapped out my recoil spring for the new one. It runs 100%, and I swear it shoots softer with the upgraded recoil spring.

WeeWilly 11-20-2012 00:21

My G29SF sports the new style dual spring as well. I really prefer it, softer feel and it keeps the slide off the frame even with my hotter loads. Reason enough to get a Gen 4 G20...

CometPx4 11-20-2012 17:03

Thanks for the info. I am going to pick one up tomorrow or friday.

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