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Gear 11-19-2012 17:13

Case for mobile phone.
I finally upgraded to the 21st century. I was wondering what everyone carries their cell in. Thanks guys.

Dragoon44 11-19-2012 17:26

Otter Box is pretty much the gold standard for best protection.

blueiron 11-19-2012 17:37

Otterbox user here. They are great.

Cav 11-19-2012 17:39

Otter Box and Lifeproof for the iPhone.

Top_Shot_31 11-19-2012 17:46

Otterbox Defender Series.

dave333 11-19-2012 17:46

I use lifeproof for my Iphone, great case, its waterproof which is the main reason I bought it. I spend a lot of time on the boat and water and it doesnt hurt it to be totally submerged, it even takes great underwater pictures.

Otterbox is pretty good from what I hear however it does not seal out dirt and dust particles so you can get a pretty dirty screen that needs to be cleaned. If you get sand in there it could even scratch your screen.

spears 11-19-2012 18:10

I've dropped some coin on cases through the years. I wasn't a fan of the lifeproof case, due to the screen protector. I do like the Otterbox commuter cases, but my 2 year old has broken 2 already.

CanIhaveGasCash 11-19-2012 19:17

I use an otterbox commuter (less bulky) with a screen protector. Works well for me.

blueiron 11-19-2012 19:20


Originally Posted by spears (Post 19649147)
I do like the Otterbox commuter cases, but my 2 year old has broken 2 already.

If something is advertised as cop proof or soldier proof and they can't break it, give it to their two year olds... :rofl:

TMNKWD 11-19-2012 20:20

Otterbox Defender over the Commuter. The Commuter is slimmer, lighter and easier to carry; however a two-year-old will tear it apart, so will your seat belt and basically everything that touches it daily.

Patchman 11-19-2012 20:36

Pocket. Specifically, pants pocket.

Why do I get the odd feeling this is not the correct answer?

Agent6-3/8 11-19-2012 20:50

Lifeproof for me. Otterbox cases are nice but way too bulky.

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EKUJustice 11-19-2012 20:57

Otterbox here I want the protection and the bulk isnt too bad

Top_Shot_31 11-19-2012 21:11

Another plus for Otterbox is that if it breaks, you just send an email and they'll send you a new one for free. I've gone through two on my HTC Evo and they have replaced it within three days each time.

wingryder 11-19-2012 21:40

iPhone 4 in a Magpul Executive case.

Ftttu 11-19-2012 22:25

Black Otterbox Defender for my iPhone 4. January or February, I hope to upgrade to iPhone 5 unless I wait a short time more for rumored iPhone 5S. Then, another Otterbox Defender unless something else comes out better.

Gills63 11-20-2012 01:51

I'm with patchman. My phone stays in my bag or my inside coat pocket. Our cars have phones and a lot of time Ill throw that in my pocket.

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SCSU74 11-20-2012 02:28

Magpul case for iPhone. Didn't really like the otterbox I had

4teecal 11-20-2012 03:30


Originally Posted by Dragoon44 (Post 19649023)
Otter Box is pretty much the gold standard for best protection.

+1. I am using the Otterbox Commuter for my Iphone 5. Only thing I dont like is the stupid hole in the back. I dont care if anyone sees the apple symbol. I just dont want dust inthe back of the case.

Bill Lumberg 11-20-2012 07:42

Ottberbox defender. No only is it the only thing I use, but my kids have iphones that I've passed down to them for use as Ipods, used with about as much care as a brick for years. All like new, all still in their original otterboxes.

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