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Detectorist 11-26-2012 16:52

Ok, here's my log..
You all don't be too harsh on me. Got some health issues.

"HOG's" log.
HOG = Hot Old Guy.

Age 60, fat, untrained here. Using modified Rippetoe Guide to Novice Barbell Training...

Oct. 23, 2012

Workout ‘A’

Hex bar Squats 3X5 +5 lbs.
Pushups 10 sissy. Challenging
Hex bar Deadlift 1X5 45 lbs.. +10 lbs.

Oct. 25, 2012

Workout ‘B’

Cold outside. Rainy. Lifted on porch outside. Leaky roof.

As they say "no rain, no gain". lol

Hex bar Squats 3X5 55lbs Add at least 5 lbs. 2.5 min. rest in between.
Standing Press 3X5 45 lbs. Add 0 lbs. 2 min rest. Bad form. Discouraging.
Bent Row 3X5 50 lbs. Add 10 lbs. Easy exercise.

I may have to use my fractional weights for the overhead press...I love those things!


Cold outside. I work out on my unprotected porch. So ******* what.

3rd workout on modified Rippetoe.

Workout 'A'

Hex Bar Squats 65X3X5 Add 5 lbs. Next workout
Hex Bar Deads 65X1X5 Add 10 lbs. Next workout.
Pushups...sissy kind. 10 reps.

Triceps shot.

Felt good. Sometimes we don't feel like working out but once the iron is in our hands...we can't stop.

Next workout, Tuesday. Can't wait to get a bench. Me and pushups don't get along very well.

Love this routine.

Workout 'B'

Nailed it! Felt like crap before starting the workout. After the first set of squats, everything seemed easy.

Hex Bar Squat 75 lbs. X 3X5
OH Press 45 lbs X 3X 5
Bent Rows 65 lbs X 3X5

Add 10 to the squat and rows. Maybe 2lbs to press.

Workout 'A'

Hex Bar squat 85X3X5
Bench Press 45X2X5, 1X10
Hex Bar deads 85X1X5

Felt good. Squats are beginning to involve glutes/hams. First time bench pressing in over 40 years.
Add an easy 10lbs to all next workout!


Workout 'B'

3X5X95 hex bar squat. Add 5-10 lbs next time
3X5x46 OH Press Add 1lb
3X5X75 Rows. Add 5-10 lbs

Squats are getting tougher.

Workout A
Heck of a good workout.

3x5x105 Hex Bar Squats
2x5x55 Bench Press
1x10x65 Bench Press
1x7x105 Hex Bar Deadlift

Surprised I was able to add 10 lbs to Squat and 20 lbs to Deads. Felt great today. Maybe due to creatine?!

Just do it. A bad workout day is better than a do nothing day.

Took a big step today, 11/8/2012. Ordered a power cage. I'm serious as heck. Going to get my weight in line and my strength up. I'll have to fight off the chicks.. lol
Good workout tonight.
Workout 'B'

3x5x115lbs Hex Squat Add 10lbs
2x5x47lbs OH Press Add 1lb
1x7x47lbs OH Press
2x5x85lbs Pendlay Row Add 5-10lbs
1x8x85lbs Pendlay Row

7th time in a row adding 10lbs to Squat. when will it end? lol

Thanks for looking!

Another good workout.
Workout 'A'
9th workout.

3X5X125lbs. Hex Bar Squat Add 5lbs
2X5X65lbs. Bench Press
1X10X65lbs. Bench Press Add 10lbs.
1X5X125lbs Hex Bar Deads. Add whatever my Squat is.

This was supposed to be yesterday's workout but it rained and rained.
Ok, this was my 8th straight workout adding 10lb to my Squat. Add maybe 5 lbs. next workout.
Probably switching over to regular Deads next workout. Purchased an extra straight bar.

Thanks for looking.

Workout 'B'
10th Workout

Was sick for 3 days.

Got my power cage!! First time regular squats in like 15 years.

3x5 Squat 95 lbs. Add 10 lbs. Dropped down from Hex bar squats to get my form squared away.
3x5 Press 48 lbs. Add 1 lb
3x5 BB Row 95 Lbs. Add 5 lbs.

11/18/2012 Sunday 11th SS Workout
Workout 'A'

3x5 Squat 105 lbs. Add 10 lbs.
2x5 Bench 75 lbs. Add 10 lbs.
1x15 Bench 75 lbs Don't know what got into me.
1x8 Deadlift 135 lbs. Add 5-10 lbs. First time barbell DL in 15 years.

Good workout. First time using Barbell instead of Hex bar for all exercises.

Thanks for looking.

11/21/2012 Wednesday 12th SS Workout.
Workout 'B'

Missed a day. Too tired.

3x5 Squat..........115 lbs. Add 10 lbs.
2x5 OH Press......49 lbs. Add 1 lb.
1x7 OH Press......49 lbs
3x5 Row............100 lbs. Add 5 lbs.

Rows were tough today.

Thanks for looking.

13th SS Workout. Very cold!
11/23/2012 Friday 13th SS Workout

2x5..........Squat....125 lbs.
1x7..........Squat....125 lbs.
2x5..........Bench.....95 lbs.
1x7..........Bench.....95 lbs.

Add 10lbs to Squat
Add 5lbs to Bench
Add 5lbs to Deads

Great workout. Gains are slowing down a bit which is ok. Deads felt a bit easier than last time.
Nothing like working out in 25F weather. Yep, my equipment is on my open porch. Brrrrrr.
Big jump of 20lbs on Bench. Tired of piddling around.

Thanks for looking.

Detectorist 11-26-2012 17:46

11/26/2012 14th workout
Workout 'B'

3x5 Squat 135 lbs. Finally, big plates! Add 10 lbs
2x5 OHP.... 50 lbs. Add 1 lb. Pathetic
1x8 OHP.... 50 lbs.
3x5 Row.. 105 lbs. Getting tough. Add 5 lbs.

Cold and windy outside. Gotta do it.

Thanks for looking.

BCR 11-27-2012 07:52

Looks good! Good to see you got a power rack.

Hats off to your outdoor workouts.

Detectorist 11-29-2012 01:11

15th Workout
11/28/2012 Wed. 15th Workout
Workout 'A'

3x5...Squat 145 lbs. Add 10lbs. Last set easier.
2x5...Bench 100 lbs. Add 5lbs.
1x10 Bench 100 lbs. Just kept going and going.
1x6...Deads 150 lbs. PR! Add 10 lbs. Felt lower back hard.

First time I've been this consistent on working out.
Just about freezing tonight. Not bad.

Thanks for looking.

California Jack 11-29-2012 23:06


Originally Posted by BCR (Post 19673522)

Hats off to your outdoor workouts.

Ditto. That's hard core.

Detectorist 12-02-2012 01:26

November 30, 2012 Friday 16th workout
Workout 'B'

Wasn't feeling too good.

3x5 Squats 155 lbs
3x5 OHP 51 lbs

Didn't do rows. First bad workout day. Still was able to add 10lbs to my squat. Have 2 days off now to recover. Nice outside, though. About 50F.

Thanks for looking.

Detectorist 12-04-2012 06:14

Great workout tonight.
December 3, 2012 17th workout.
Workout 'A'

3x5 Squats 160 lbs....Add 5 lbs. Felt easier than 155 lbs.
3x5 Bench..105 Lbs...Add 5 lbs. Getting tougher.
1x6 Deads..160 lbs....Add 10 lbs. Felt good. Grip still strong.

Rested 2 days over the weekend. Made a huge difference!

Thanks for looking.

Detectorist 12-14-2012 18:37

December 13, 2012. Wed. 18th workout
Workout 'B'

3x5....Squat 155lbs...Add 5lbs
2x5....OHP.....50lbs...Add 1lb

That's it. regressed a bit. Took 10 days off. Life happens.

Detectorist 12-19-2012 05:44

December 19, 2012 Thursday morning 19th workout

Workout 'A'

3x5....Squats....160lbs...Add 5lbs
2x5....Bench.....105lbs...Add 5lbs
1x7....Deads.....160lbs...Add 10lbs

Basically same workout as Dec 3, 2012. Felt good.
Feels like I'm getting over my cold/flu
About 28 degrees in my workout area. Not bad.
B-Day tomorrow. Gonna cheat on my diet. Friend is making a pineapple upside down cake. My favorite!

Thanks for looking.

BCR 12-19-2012 06:58

I'd get sick almost instantly if I were in your shoes. :embarassed:

Detectorist 01-02-2013 19:37

January 2, 2013
20th workout Temp in my gym: 25F. Brrr..
Workout 'B'

3x5.....Squats 150lbs Felt great. Add 5lbs
2x5.....Press...50lbs...Felt good. Add 1lb.

Looks like I've recovered 100% from my kidney infection!

Thanks for looking.

Detectorist 01-09-2013 04:22

January 9, 2013
21st workout
Workout 'A'

3x5.....Squats...160lbs Finally involved Glutes Add 5lbs
2x5.....Bench....100Lbs Challenging. Add 5lbs
1x5.....Deads....160lbs. Add 5-10 lbs.

Screwed off for a while. Getting back into it.

Not bad. About 45 degrees tonight.

Thanks for looking.

Detectorist 01-11-2013 20:55

January 11, 2013
22nd workout
Workout 'B'

3x5.....Squat.....165lbs.....Add 5lbs
2x5.....OHP.......52lbs.......Add 2lbs
3x5.....Row.......95lbs.......Add 5lbs. Underhand grip.

It was a balmy 50F on my porch.

Thanks for looking.

California Jack 01-12-2013 16:35

Keepup the good work. You seem to be progression at a good rate.

Detectorist 01-13-2013 04:11


Originally Posted by California Jack (Post 19854412)
Keepup the good work. You seem to be progression at a good rate.

Thanks. My last workout was also the first time I felt my abs and glutes involved in my squats.

I might have to go to 2 days between workouts instead of the 'official' SS 1 day. I felt so much stronger this last workout and no DOMS!

Detectorist 01-14-2013 21:37

January 14, 2012
23rd workout

Workout 'A'

3x5......Squat...170lbs. PR Tough.....Add 5lbs.
2x5......Bench...110lbs. Tough.....Add 5lbs.
1x6......Deads...170lbs. PR Challenging. Add 10 lbs.

Temperature in my gym(porch) was 19F degrees.
Great workout.

It was so cold out there that I saw some lawyers with their hands in their own pockets. lol

BCR 01-15-2013 08:09

PRs make the world go 'round! :supergrin:

dango 01-18-2013 14:54

Great post!Thanks and one step at a time , I'll be back! :wavey:
One major issue that I am have difficulty with is getting mass back. Lost some 40+ lbs. and not fat!

Trying "WHEY" and other supplements , but no real progress as yet........?

Detectorist 01-20-2013 03:18

January 20, 2013 Sunday morning 24th workout
Workout 'B'

First workout with Bodylastics exercise bands.

3x5 Squats...... 146Lbs marked. Very tough.
3x5 Press ........46lbs. Add 5Lbs.
1x5 Pull Downs.120lbs
1x10 Pull Downs..106lbs. Add 10lbs.

First time lat pull downs in like 15 years. Decided first few times will take it easy.

Squats were brutal. Legs like jelly after finishing. Press felt good. Seated.

Thanks for looking.

Detectorist 01-27-2013 00:04

January 26, 2013 25th workout
Workout 'A'

2x5 Squat 155lbs. This is 15lbs less than expected.

Went to supper. Couldn't taste the food. Thought to myself that it's nothing. got to the gym and felt terrible. Decided to try anyway...nogo.

Now sitting at home. Feeling some joint pain. Hope it's not the flu. Legs feel weak. hate to quit a workout session.

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