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PsTaN 11-28-2012 23:03

Carver Mounts: How good are they?...
I've been thinking about a red dot .... don't really trust the dovetail mounts and don't want to mill the slide. For those of you that have a Carver Mount, how good are they?

Thanks much...


Dr. Rod 11-29-2012 07:35

Carver mount
It is the best mount available. No gun modifications and it resolves dot bounce that you get from other mounts. Most of us use the Competition model and remove our sights since the mount sits low but if you want to keep your sights order the Hunter model. It sits up a little higher and will clear the sights.

PsTaN 11-30-2012 00:02

Thanks Dr. Rod ... I appreciate your time.

Anyone else with insight on these mounts feel free to chime in ....


Any Cal. 11-30-2012 00:23

The couple times I have dealt with Carver, he has been a stand-up, knowledgeable guy. I would try his mount just because of the way he does things.

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