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Young Once 12-01-2012 10:19

AR Pistols
Anyone here try an AR pistol build? How was it? What parts did you use? Was there any reliability issues? Could you post pics? Need ideas for a pistol build I'm planning. Thanks in advance.

romram 12-01-2012 22:24

too much recoil, too much heat & stress for the less than 7 in barrel. you can see traces of unburn gun powder inside the chamber

romram 12-01-2012 22:40

*pictures taken from the web, credit to the owners

Kaiser Soze 12-02-2012 23:04

I had a 7.5 inch SBR that was absolutely unreliable until I changed the gas tube and the buffer spring. I never even used a suppressor on it but after every range trip my gun was FILTHY.

xXGearheadXx 12-03-2012 10:49

I've built a couple, but only as placeholders while i'm waiting for my SBR tax stamps. With the .300 BLK it's been fine with every super load i've fired from it. I haven't done any testing with my 5.56.

Though the .300 pistol was reliable, i hated it in pistol form.

DA_NINJA 12-04-2012 15:00

I've got one in 9mm. , from spike tactical.... clean and nice to fire(no barrel foul ups), purrsssss like a kitten --not so loud when fired even without ear protection........

Young Once 12-05-2012 19:27

Thanks for the comments. Seems like I will have to rethink my position on this matter. However, the pics above are really great. The set ups look quite good too.

Scrt_Agent_Man 12-06-2012 05:53

I've built a dozen or so, mostly 7.5", but a few 11" and never had issues with any of them. Most of them weren't technically a full build because I used Model 1 uppers but I did fully build a couple with various parts. They are a lot of fun and IMO very little recoil, but I always used a full length buffer and tube due to reliability issues with the short ones.

This is the only pic I had handy of any of them. This one was for a relative but had a Stag lower, Model 1 7.5" chrome lined upper, RRA trigger, hogue grip, some cheap red dot he had, and a cheap gun show flash light that doubled as a front grip.

Dreamliner787 12-06-2012 08:27

I like the Noveske KX3 "flaming pig" flash suppressor if you go with 7.5" pistol. Works on the Noveske VIS really nice.

Young Once 12-08-2012 03:48

Scrt_Agnt_Man, when you say full length tube and buffer are you referring to the original tube and buffer for the fixed stock or the tube and buffer for adjustable stocks?

Scrt_Agent_Man 12-08-2012 21:53

I believe they are mil-spec carbine buffer tubes so ~6 3/4" but it's been a while so I will have to pull one out and double check.

Young Once 12-08-2012 23:53

Ok, will wait for your post on this. Tia, scrt_agnt_man.

Scrt_Agent_Man 12-09-2012 20:24

Just measured 2 of them and they are about 7.5" total. The ones I still have are from Model 1 so you might want to check with them for more info. The buffer and spring I'm running in them are standard carbine ones.

jimbullet 12-10-2012 00:23

They sure look nice and interesting to have a go at the range. One question though in the Philippine setting, is this now classified as a pistol for purposes of a license or still a high powered rifle?

Young Once 12-11-2012 08:52

Thanks, Scrt_Agnt_Man!

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