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02LimitedX 12-02-2012 19:36

Chuck box/camp kitchen
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Anyone else out there use one? My parents had one growing up and I'm getting back into camping so I decided to build one. It just keeps your camp kitchen stuff organized and in a grab and go state so it's just that much easier to go camping. Attachment 229408

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308endurdebate 12-02-2012 21:11

Looks nice.

Haven't used one since I was a young boy scout. When we'd do long campouts, we'd bring the chuck. Of course, we never had a stove in ours, just pots, pans, utensils, and cooking basics (oil, spices, flour, sugar) and clean up stuff (soap, scrubbers). From what I remember, our opening flopped down and had metal cable that tied it to the top of the box and made it a working surface. It also had some kind of stand (when setup) and rope handles on the side to carry (lug) it to the camp site.

If you make the "door" a working surface, I'd think having one of the rollable cutting mats would be useful.

Tvov 12-03-2012 07:25

That looks really good!

When we tent camped with the family we would use a bunch of plastic "tote" bins to store stuff. We ended up buying a camper 10 years ago.

I have always been interested in the "outdoor kitchen" setups, with the sink, work area, and shelves. It is a lot of equipment, though.

Something like this:

boomchakabowwow 12-09-2012 20:29

I like that slot!

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