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riverdoc 12-03-2012 20:09

sights and loads
Newbie here with a 20sf and questions. If i get new FO fixed sights, how much change of impact between 155 and 200-230 grainers? If i setup Pro-sights or ATS, i don't want to be changing shims often.

_The_Shadow 12-03-2012 20:40

Inside of 50 yards you should see too much difference, but going out to longer distances you might notice more significant seperations. Just remember these things are set up as combat sighting. The sights are not as refined for long distant target shooting. The guns are capable of pretty good accuracy considering!

riverdoc 12-04-2012 08:15

Anybody out there use the Prosight or ATS system for a trail/hunting setup? I like a precise sight picture but want rugged sights. I'd appreciate some input. Thanks.

D.R.Middlebrook 02-13-2013 10:09

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Once you sight them in and lock them down you are go to go. And you still have the luxury of changing the zero whenever you like. I use them for hunting varmints as the pics show.

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