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capebuffalohunter 12-04-2012 11:04

Glock 26 Gen 4 IWB Holster
Seeking advice on a IWB holster for my new Glock 26 Gen 4. Which is most comfortable and easy to draw from. Thanks

Dreamliner787 12-04-2012 13:21

IMO the Galco Triton and N82 Tactical. As for drawing, good holster will deffinitely help but real training and practice is better.

lethal tupperwa 12-04-2012 16:18

this is the thinest most adjustable

Lowjiber 12-04-2012 20:09

I EDC my 26 in a horsehide, IWB White Hat.

If you order one, get the "combat cut". It's easier to draw from and may be just a tad faster. (I'm not Matt Dillon, so my speed is not the greatest.)

If you are wondering about the combat cut, order the regular cut. He'll cut it for you later if you want. I just cut my I knew what I was doing.

capebuffalohunter 12-05-2012 20:32

Thanks for the info gentlemen.

igolfat8 12-06-2012 20:37

I have on of these and they are awesome!

ScumPunisher 12-06-2012 20:54

I have the same gun and a crossbreed supertuck is awesomely comfy and discreet. I got the black cowhide, standard clips, and the combat cut (well worth the extra $7)

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RPVG 12-06-2012 21:28

Check out the MTAC holsters. IWB, leather back, with a Kydex shell that's molded to fit G26/G27/G28/G33.

IIRC, the leather back also comes in "combat cut" or "regular cut", but I may be thinking of the Crossbreed or another one. (That kinda memory lapse happens a lot at my age.) Anyway, a regular cut set-up has a wide leather back that keeps the grip and slide away from your body. The combat cut only keeps the slide away. So... it's easier to grip quickly and solidly without the extra leather around the grip area.


Veedubklown 12-08-2012 13:06

I use a holster similar to the crossbreed supertuck. I made it from leather and kydex, and use it for IDPA. My draw is up there with alot of the guys using OWB holsters, so it's definitely fast enough. The draw speed comes from practice and familiarity, though.

Comfort comes from indivual choice, and how you want to carry. I prefer just behind the center-line (8 o'clock, I'm a lefty), above my left rear pocket-ish. Some guys like to carry appendix, in front of their pelvis. It's a very fast draw, and easy to get at if you're seated alot, but you have a gun pointed at your stuff. All day.

I'm not a big dude, 5'10 165 lbs, and I can conceal a full sized glock 17 or 1911 in this position, and wear it all day. It's like wearing a big watch, at first it's weird, but you get used to it, then you feel naked without it.

Glockworks 12-08-2012 19:07


Originally Posted by capebuffalohunter (Post 19699138)
Seeking advice on a IWB holster for my new Glock 26 Gen 4. Which is most comfortable and easy to draw from. Thanks

MIC Holster is all I use now. I do also like Uncle Mike too though. I have a few others that are more expensive, but I like mine to be invisible and THIN. and there is nothing thinner than the MIC holsters. Good Luck.

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