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Archangel 12-04-2012 15:26

Devil Weed
this is our brand new EDC fixed blade design. it is from 1084 and is 7.75" overall. the handle is bloodwood and brass pins. it has a flat grind and wears our Crime Scene etched finish.


WayaX 12-04-2012 20:58

Looks good, but why did you go with that blade design (just curious about your thought process)?

Archangel 12-04-2012 21:45

thanks. don't know where half of my ideas come from. i like to sit around and just doodle and sketch different ideas. i have a few designs with this basic blade shape. i think of it as a futuristic bowie style. this one is just pint sized.


M1a65 12-05-2012 02:48

Interesting! I'm more of a drop point or spear point kind of knife guy. Lets see some ore of your creations.

TK-421 12-05-2012 03:08

Man, you got my hopes up. I was hoping for one of the religious nuts to start bashing on the evils of marijuana... :crying:

That is a cool knife though, weird blade design. Was it designed that way for any particular purpose? Does it work better than other designs? Or was it designed that way just because?

Oh, and no, I didn't look at where the thread was located, I just read the title, and that was enough to get my hopes up. :tongueout:

matt_lowry123 12-05-2012 13:12

That's bad ass!!

Archangel 12-07-2012 20:26

thank you, matt. now you need one of these in toxic green. :supergrin:


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