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purrrfect 10 12-07-2012 21:05

10 Magazine Holser
I would like to pick up a good 10mm one or two magazine holster any suggestion?
Brand and where to buy?
leather better the plastic?

4Rules 12-08-2012 01:28

Magazine pouch solutions for skinnier people

Looking for a new mag pouch

ghost mag pouch demo video

Kytex vs Raven Magazine pouch

Gear Review : Maxpedition Single/Double Magazine Pouches

purrrfect 10 12-08-2012 13:57

Anyone have a proven mag holster they really like ?

Chainlink 12-08-2012 14:24

I almost hate to admit this but I really like the blackhawk mag holsters, light and good retention.....not to mention fairly inexpensive.

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attrapereves 12-08-2012 14:36

I bought some mag holders from "tactical kydex" on this forum and I love them. They are $10 a piece and he makes them for all Glock models. They are specifically designed to fit Glock mags and have adjustable retention.

It's an older thread, but if you PM him, he should be able to make them for you.

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