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brtarr 12-25-2012 13:10

Don't forget our furry friends at Christmas
Let's not forget our wonderful furry friends and the joy they bring us at Christmas and all year long!

PaulMason 12-25-2012 13:16

I took care of my girlfriend. She was very appreciative of what she got.

What about yours?

brtarr 12-26-2012 19:55

LOL! Verry good!

NEOH212 12-28-2012 23:46

All my kitties got some new toys and plenty of treats!

I loved the look on their faces when they got the treats since they normally don't get too many.

"All this is for me?"

Their expressions were priceless!

God Bless our little fur babies!


FriarTuck 01-08-2013 12:29

Our dog got a plush toy with implanted squeaker; she's torn most of the stuffing out. But the squeaker still works, surprisingly (we've been rationing her time with it).

Our cat isn't as playful most of the time.

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