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oneofthose 12-31-2012 15:43

Looking for a hunting pack like this one
I have this pack, and really like it. I'd like to get one for hunting in a camo pattern like realtree, mossy oak, etc., but can't seem to find one.

Any suggestions?

Jonesee 12-31-2012 16:25


I use one similar to this and it is amazing how use I get out the packs individually.

oneofthose 12-31-2012 17:02


Originally Posted by Jonesee (Post 19803258)

I use one similar to this and it is amazing how use I get out the packs individually.

Thanks for the info, the one from cabelas was actually on my list of alternates.

I really want one with a frame like the one I have. I'm hoping whoever makes it for Uncle Sam also makes it for the civilian world in different camo patterns. The Zippers are quiet, and super heavy duty. It holds everything I need for hunting, and capable of packing out lots of meat.

dp2002813 01-01-2013 02:18

If you are too late for that pack, please consider Eberlestock packs.

I purchased mine from Santana outdoors:

gjk5 01-01-2013 21:53

eberlestock is a great pack, you will not be disappointed.

Badlands also makes a great pack, the 2200 has an internal frame like that, you may like it.

NecoDude 01-01-2013 22:22

Check out Mystery Ranch Backpacks.

Ton of options

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boomchakabowwow 01-06-2013 17:33

my next pack will be from Kilfaru.

Mountain10mm 01-08-2013 18:22

Eberlestock makes very high quality packs, but they are HEAVY. I have one that unzips to hold an elk quarter and the thing weighs about 8 pounds - empty. Add a 10 pound rifle and I have 18 pounds of empty pack and rifle on my back - no water, extra ammo, survival gear, food, extra clothes, etc. With minimal gear, it's hard to have a pack under 30 pounds...and being at 10,000 plus feet, every pound counts. Despite the high quality, I will be looking at other alternatives for this year's hiking and hunting season.

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